Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pros and cons in the use of gel

Pros and cons in the use of gel

1- what are the positive points of dispatching with the gel ?
- gel bits release slowly humidity in a non aggressive way
- they can store, if added by the sender, nutriments, fungi, bacteria, hormones .. that can be used after arrival to mix with soil or water.

2- negative point with the gel?
- if the air is humid enough during travel too much humidity around the plant will cause rot especially during hot periods.

3 - can cuts be sent in an envelope with gel ?
- gel can't be used in envelopes, but if envelopes are padded gel is not necessary : gel AND plastic sheet do not work together

4 - what is the price for cuts with gel ?
- additions of gel in boxes is free at aleyagarden

5 - is gel treatment and aid to send more fragile cuts ?
- yes gel bits may help more efficiently than plastic in cardboard boxes ( there is more air in boxes than in envelopes )

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