Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adenium of flowering size, diameter 7 - 10 cm

Popular houseplants in tropical and temperate regions, Adenium ( Desert roses ) need a sunny location for showy flowering and a minimum indoor temperature in winter of 10 °C.

Adenium obesum with fancy leaves and colors ! They are of flowering size, their diameters are 7-10 cm [ 3.5-4 in ] large. This page shows a series of these ready for packing.

These Adenium plants are grafted onto a seedling rootstock.
Adenium ( Desert Rose ) was introduced to the Philippines from Bangkok, Thailand, and the plant was also called ''Bangkok kalachuchi'' in the Philippines. It is a popular houseplant in tropical and temperate regions. A sunny location will be needed for showy flowering, with a minimum indoor temperature in winter of 10 °C. Repot in a small pot with excellent drainage, avoiding over-watering and drying-out as drying out too long would cause the plant to go into dormancy. Adeniums prefer a neutral to hard water. Acidic water tends to sour the soil too fast and may cause root rot. A fertilizer high in phosphorous will promote a large
swollen base.

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