Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Size of Aglaonema and Monstera sent by Aleyagarden

Aglonemas : with newer cultivars frantically searched by collectors and breeders, exciting patterns with luscious and fantastic color ranges have been recently available in Thailand. These interiorscape plants have been valued primarily for their durability : a conducive environment is undemanding, including only a well-drained soil mix and slight soil drying between waterings. Medium to fast growers Aglaonemas tolerate a wide range of light settings, but they should not be exposed to cold for long periods of time. Moderate light is best; the colored-leaved forms are prettiest in strong light but full sun would damage most species. The potting medium should include copper, and the periodic application of a micronutrient solution of copper will benefit Aglaonemas in winter as roots are less able to remove copper from soils at temperatures of 18 °C ( 65°F ) or below. Thus, soil temperature should be raised or foliar copper applied during such periods. Here are two pictures showing the sizes of Aglonemas that we ship.
Below are Monstera ( the variegated forms, with withe and yellow patches )

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